Langord Elementary

Parent Support Specialist



Belinda Aleman-Cruz



Parent Support Specialists

Austin ISD Parent Support Specialists are charged to identify, develop, and engage parents in their child's education by:

  • Providing Parent and Family Support
    Organize and conduct parent training sessions to help parents navigate school systems and the District; organize meetings for parents to disseminate information and to gather input from them; and provide resources and referrals for academic, social service and other support.
  • Conduct Communications and Outreach
    Connect schools to parents via multicultural outreach efforts.
  • Create Parent Leadership Opportunities/PTA
    Identify, develop and engage parents in their child's school(s) community and connect them to leadership role opportunities at the school and within the District such as:  Parents & Family as Co-teachers, Parents & Family as Co-trainers, Parents & Family as Resources, Parents & Family as Decision Makers.