Langord Elementary


ACE: After school Centers on Education


ACE Austin Expanded Learning Program starts September 7th 

ACE program time is Mondays through Thursdays from 3:10 pm - 5:45 pm and Fridays from 3:10 pm - 5:15 pm.


Registration Information

Students doing yoga in the ACE afterschool program Students cleaning up the school in the ACE after school program  


Funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant and administered by the U.S. Department of Education, ACE is an expanded learning program that takes place before school, after school, and in the summer. ACE Austin programming is completely free to participants, and includes ongoing family engagement opportunities. Program offerings at Langford include, but is not limited to B’Tru Arts (Dance), Campfire (STEM), Ultimate Martial Arts (Physical Education), Creative Action (Fine Arts), Samurai School (Physical Education), and Bliss Yoga (SEL). 


For more information, please contact Mattie Meredith-Tate at